Colomi orchids granulate is the perfect ground for their orchids . Easy to use , great in its benefits . Our orchids granulate can fertilize over years and while also perfectly appearance. Colomi Orchid substrate has also 11 other advantages , the our substrate to a very special , unique planting soil in the care of orchids makes .
Self-cleaning aquarium ground of Colomi , has enormous advantages , the aquarist for years have been waiting for . Old hands or new discoverers , both benefit to the excellent properties our aquarium floor . Whether you want to breed fish , operate many display tanks , or simply joy of Aquaristk have . Our soil is their strong Partner .
Cushy has in english several meanings , easily, comfortable, pleasant , and these are our stones , easy ....... when applying comfortable ... in the handling pleasant ....... process Allow Cushy stones fascinating designs and for crafting are well suited .
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